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Technical Information

Digital objects

Items were scanned in-house either one page at a time or, for pamphlets, as spreads, to preserve the essential meaning of graphics and the sense of folded items. Page images were captured as 42-bit color at 400 dpi (very small items at 600 dpi) and saved as uncompressed 24-bit color TIFF files. Digital master files include a ruler and color bar in the image. Ruler and color bar were cropped from working files and PDF objects were produced for the website. Each PDF file represents one pamphlet or brochure.


Descriptive metadata for the collection was contained in a printed document, Checklist of the Official Publications of the Century of Progress International Exposition and its Exhibitors, consisting of several parts: part 1, 1933, supplement to part 1, and part 2, 1934. The entire checklist was keyed into a MySQL database that included extra fields to indicate 1) whether each item was owned, 2) if owned, its call number and location and 3) whether the item was digitally reformatted.